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10 August 2015

Redwell Primary

The new Redwell Primary in Alloa, Clackmannanshire opened in August 2014 and was built to replace St John’s and Claremont Primaries. Delivered by Robertson Construction on behalf of hub East Central Scotland and in partnership with Clackmannanshire Council, the £8M new building accommodates 430 pupils with an adjoining 80 place nursery.

 Redwell Primary Building

Plans were drawn up by Keppie Design with a focus on flexibility of learning spaces to support dynamic and innovative learning and teaching. The classrooms and teaching rooms are arranged in three identical wings, all single storey with classrooms having direct access to outside private teaching areas, and larger external shared group teaching spaces.

 Redwell Reception

British Thornton provided the fixed and loose furniture throughout the school, from teaching walls and classroom furniture to office, meeting room and cloakroom furniture.   Cloakroom Cloakroom 2

 Meeting room

Each wing has a different colour theme, yellow, purple and green, and is furnished with Trudy furniture in the corresponding colours. The fixed furniture is also co-ordinated with coloured handles.


Each classroom features a teaching wall providing ample storage for all learning resources and incorporating the Interactive White Boards. The main cupboard doors are finished with a whiteboard surface for teaching and display.

 Teaching wallTeaching Wall open

Reading corner

The shared learning spaces between classrooms are flexible spaces for group work, reading and art and craft activities. Furnished with fitted storage and sink units as well as a range of flexible loose furniture including bean tables, contour seating book storage and floor mats.

 Wet area Shared area

 Shared area purple

The nursery has been specifically designed to enable children to access resources independently, and with confidence. It is an integral part of the school building to ensure smooth transitions and joined early level partnerships. Trudy furniture and play equipment has been used throughout the nursery with tables and chairs for teaching and snack time areas, quiet corners and spaces for creative play. The fitted wall units provide storage, with integrated sink units for hand washing and cleaning up.


Nursery fitted

Nursery 1

Snack area

 Curved boxes      Quiet area

Nursery 2