Company News

23 February 2016

Top of the Class

January was a month of firsts for British Thornton. It was the start of our first year as the largest manufacturer of educational furniture in the UK, the first day in work for many new faces and, most importantly, the launch of our first supplier event!


The British Thornton ‘Top of the Class Event’ is a brand new and exciting networking event for both British Thornton approved suppliers and our own sales team to share their in-depth knowledge of the industry, as well as discussing how the Education sector will develop in a consumer-led, digital age.


We even added a bit of glitz and glamour to the event with a special guest appearance; star of ‘Educating Yorkshire’ Jonny Mitchell! The superstar headteacher joined us to discuss how the political climate has affected school spending in the last decade and how the right classroom environment can impact children’s learning behaviours. Our team loved hearing the best practices of the man who transformed Thornhill Academy from among the 6% of the worst performing schools nationally to the top 6%. (Not to mention that it was the most improved school in Yorkshire!)


Our first networking event was also a brilliant opportunity to share our growth plans for 2016, including our focus on designing quality products and nurturing our own creative talent. The feedback from both the British Thornton team and suppliers who attended the event was extremely positive and confirmed our plans to run many more events in the future.

“It was a good opportunity to place faces with names, meet suppliers and exchange market intelligence”.

“[We liked] The chance to speak directly with designers, marketing and the sales team, we were able to discuss lots of new ideas and create new opportunities which would benefit both companies moving forward”.

“Good opportunity to hear thoughts from colleagues and suppliers”.

“Totally agree with the concept for being pro-active towards better relationships and getting key people together for updates and networking. This has already proved useful since the day. Also enjoyed the chance to hear a view on the current system in education from a Head teachers perspective”.