Case Studies

Sanquhar Academy

British Thornton's sister company EME Furniture recently completed a project with Sanquhar Academy, their local secondary school in Dumfries and Galloway, South West Scotland. 

The 259 student school had a large ground floor room which was vastly underutilised as a learning centre, while upstairs the small overcrowded library doubled as a classroom.  The two rooms were outdated, uninspiring and in need of modernisation to create a fresh learning environment.

The school had a vision to use the larger room downstairs to combine the library and learning centre in an aspirational multi-purpose space, using flexible furniture. EME worked closely with the school to establish the type of environment they sought to create, with products, layouts and colour schemes discussed and mood boards created.

EME designed and installed a complete furniture solution. The colour scheme chosen used the blue from the school's brand as the main theme and purple, pink and white added to create variety and interest.

In terms of the furniture itself, a Vista touchdown bench was used as the focal point of the room, creating an area for pupils to use laptops. In addition, book shelving was maximised around the walls, while mobile shelf units were used for both additional storage and to create bespoke learning zones, dividing the space with their sleek, in-built whiteboard backs. This effectively saw storage spaces double up as great areas for group work. Finally, Tessellate and Wedge tables were chosen for their flexibility and a selection of upholstered seating was installed to create a comfortable area for reading.

The vibrant and appealing environment which has been created has received a universally positive response from staff, pupils and parents alike, and following the success of this project, the school now has plans to refurbish more rooms and is currently working with EME on a showcase classroom.  


“There is now a lot of space and it is not all cramped into one room. I like the colour scheme because it is very bright and colourful with the blues, purples, pinks and white” – Danni

“It looks nice and modern and has bright colours and is very comfortable.” – Josh

“I like the colour scheme of the library. I also like the way the furniture is set out. My favourite part is the little purple and blue stool couches.” – Kayleigh