Product Sustainability

At British Thornton, we are determined that not only our own carbon footprint should be constantly shrinking but that of our clients too. So our procurement staff are fully focused on sourcing products and materials with the very highest “green” credentials. For instance, we only source timber from companies who have FSC certification and we use ABS edging which can be safely incinerated or composted at the end of the furniture’s life.

Packaging is kept to an absolute minimum, in fact on the whole we protect our furniture for transport using only blankets that are removed on delivery and returned to the factory for re-use. What’s more, we are part of a partnership scheme where deliveries are concerned, which means that the vehicles we use never travel empty, even on the return journey.

And our manufacturing processes bear some scrutiny too. Recent initiatives include the installation of infra-red curing ovens in our polish shop ensuring any remaining solvent is removed through their catalytic converters to reduce our VOC emissions.

So you can see we understand and accept our responsibilities and you can be sure, British Thornton’s products will have the optimum life cycle at minimum cost to the environment before, during and after their working life.

For further information please see our sustainability section or contact us.