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We know it can be difficult to get hold of classroom tables at certain times during the year, which is why we’ve chosen our most popular tables to keep in stock 52 weeks of the year. Plus, if you order ‘off peak’ you’ll benefit from a 20% discount on our standard catalogue price. So you can kit out your classroom for only £44.60 per table. Varying from heights 2-6, our Everyday Tables offer a simple affordable solution for classes of all ages giving you real value for money. Available in either Beech or Maple, all tables come with a durable grey PU edge and light grey square steel frame as standard. We’re so confident in the quality of our tables that five years warranty is included.


How to order Everyday tablesCall us on 0333 577 3235 to secure your delivery

To qualify for our offer, simply place your order via phone (0333 577 3235) or contact us online 
before 1st June or after 1st September 2017. We will then arrange for your tables to be delivered
during our ‘off-peak’ period. So you can save money and forget delivery disappointment!

Fully Welded Part Codes Crush Bent Part Codes
Size 2 1100x550 Beech T555-2-LG-BC-PU Size 2 1100x550 Beech CBS560-2-LG-BCP
Size 2 1100x550 Maple T555-2-LG-MA-PU Size 2 1100x550 Maple CBS560-2-LG-MAP
Size 3 1100x550 Beech T555-3-LG-BC-PU Size 3 1100x550 Beech CBS560-3-LG-BCP
Size 3 1100x550 Maple T555-3-LG-MA-PU Size 3 1100x550 Maple CBS560-3-LG-MAP
Size 4 1100x550 Beech T555-4-LG-BC-PU Size 4 1100x550 Beech CBS560-4-LG-BCP
Size 4 1100x550 Maple T555-4-LG-MA-PU Size 4 1100x550 Maple CBS560-4-LG-MAP
Size 5 1200x600 Beech T555-5-LG-BC-PU Size 5 1200x600 Beech CBS560-5-LG-BCP
Size 5 1200x600 Maple T555-5-LG-MA-PU Size 5 1200x600 Maple CBS560-5-LG-MAP
Size 6 1200x600 Beech T555-6-LG-BC-PU Size 6 1200x600 Beech CBS560-6-LG-BCP
Size 6 1200x600 Maple  T555-6-LG-MA-PU Size 6 1200x600 Maple CBS560-6-LG-MAP



Small Print:

To qualify for the discount, orders must be placed before 1st June and after 1st September 2017, with all deliveries being made before 1st July and after 1st October 2017. Orders placed outside the offer period will be charged the full price of £55.75 per table. Prices exclude delivery and VAT which will be charged at the current UK rate. See our Ordering Information page for delivery costs. Discount applies to the items on this page only. 5 year warranty is subject to fair wear and tear.